Zenith Replica

In 1865 Zenith replica watches were founded by Georges Favre-Jacot. Jacot was just 22 years of age when he started his company. The company is world renowned for its recognition of the importance of interchangeable parts. As legend has it, Jacot was working late into the night on one of his watch pieces. After he had finished, he went outside to see the night sky. As Jacot gazed up into the stars, he saw how his creations were imitations of the stars. The way that all of the stars revolved around the Pole Star reminded him of exactly how his mechanical pieces functioned. Later on, with this idea in mind, Jacot named the manufacture and design company after the highest point in the universe, the Zenith, and so Zenith replica watch was born. Jacot enjoyed the success of his watch company. As he continued to manufacture newer and better watches, he won Grand Prix medals for timekeeping precision in Geneva, Paris, Barcelona, and Neuchatel. Jacot realized that he was a pioneer in watch history at the time, but this did not stop him from creating some of the world’s most precise watches. Since Jacot founded Zenith replica watches , the company has received more than 1,595 first-place observatory prizes in chronometry. The company is the most decorated watch company in the world with this statistic.

The company’s founder was dedicated and focused on creating a watch company that could provide consumers with the most accurate and reliable watches of that time. He realized that this would not be an easy task, so he took a different approach to attaining this goal. In the past, skilled craftsmen had been, for the most part, spread across the country and stationed in different workshops. In an era without modern day communication techniques, this made it incredibly difficult to run an efficient watch operation. In response to this lack of efficiency, Jacot created larger and more dynamic buildings for his workers. With this idea, he was able to create a company that ran exponentially faster than other companies in that time period. As it turned out, bringing all workers under one roof became an idea that many other watch brands imitated.

Since the company’s inception, the Swiss brand has been known for its quality and precision. The company is distinct among Swiss brands because it still creates its movement in-house, meaning that the company is vertically integrated. This allows the watch designers, part makers, and constructors to all be on the same page when it comes to making their world renowned luxury timepieces.

The company is famous for the Elite movement. The Elite movement is company’s most standard movement and is mentioned usually hand-in-hand with the famous El Primero chronograph. The El Primero debuted in 1969 and was an instant hit. The watch was one of the world’s first automatic chronographs and had an astounding frequency of 36,000 alternations per hour. The fact that this watch had such a precise and fast movement allowed for a far more accurate timing compared to watches that operated at 28,800 alternations per hour. Although the company was launched over 150 years ago, it continues to stay current on technology because it is regarded as one of the best watch brands in the world.

In 1999 Zenith was acquired by LVMH. The company added Zenith to its portfolio of watch and jewelry companies. Zenith replica watch still continues to produce the some of the finest watches in the world that have been known to retail for over a hundred thousand dollars.